Continuing Education

New students and established practitioners are welcome, together with anyone who has attended Bowtech Bowenwork training in the past. Refine your skills and deepen your application of Bowen therapy! 

All practitioners, both new and experienced, are welcome to join our continuing education program!

Continuing education is the cornerstone of professional practice. Workshops expand practitioners’ knowledge and understanding of Bowen Therapy in innovative ways. Through maintaining and further developing your skills, you ensure that your knowledge remains relevant and up to date. With the continual expansion of knowledge in all fields, it is important to always maintain and update professional knowledge. From chronic illness to sports injuries, continuing education allows you to develop specialty knowledge!

Please note that CEU workshops are not part of the nationally-recognised courses, however they are Bowtech-accredited and eligible for CEU points with Bowen Association Australia.

Opportunities available:

  • Practitioner Days A & B 
  • Practitioner Days C & D
  • Special Revision
  • SP2 Master Class
  • Module Review
  • Animal BowenCare Program 
  • Anatomy Hands On 
  • Assessment, Palpation and Interoception for Bowen Therapy 
  • Bowen and Chronic Fatigue 
  • Bowen and Stroke Care 
  • Bowen Therapy and Diabetes 
  • Bowen Therapy for Sports Injuries 
  • Bowen Therapy Retreat 
  • Bowen, the Back & Beyond – A Deeper Understanding
  • Common Pathologies 
  • Functional Manual Muscle Testing 
  • Joint and Muscle Taping and Bowen 
  • Mind Body Bowen 
  • Pilates and Bowen 
  • Sports Bowen 
  • The Core Connection 
  • Understanding Bowen from an Ayurvedic Perspective 
  • Working with Neck Pain 

Further details including CEU points, workshop pre-requisite and course content are available on our website. 

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